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Why do we use round-bottomed pans for cooking, while foreigners use pans? There is a lot of knowledge in it

Release time: 2023-07-10

Almost every family in our kitchen has a round-bottomed pot, and its universality is like an oven in a foreigner’s kitchen. Foreigners will be hungry without an oven. We may not be able to cook a good meal without a round-bottomed wok. In the cooking tools of foreigners, they also have a kind of pot, but unlike our round-bottomed pot, their pot is a flat-bottomed pot.

So why do we use round-bottomed pans for cooking, while foreigners use flat pans for cooking? In fact, there is a lot of knowledge in this, which reflects two completely different food cultures, and even reflects the relationship between people.

In terms of food culture, take a look at the round-bottomed pan we use. First of all, it is deeper than the pan used by foreigners, and it can hold more ingredients than the pan. This is because our round-bottomed pan is for preparing more. Dishes for human consumption. Unlike foreigners, the food they usually prepare is only for a family or a few people.

And the round-bottomed pot we use can make full use of the heat of the open flame to achieve efficient and fast cooking. The round-bottomed pan can also make the contact area between the food and the hot pan larger and faster, which actually reflects our eating habit of eating hot food and eating cooked food. To give a simple example, if we use a round-bottomed pan to stir-fry food, the ingredients are required to stir-fry quickly, and the round-bottomed pan can touch more flames and the temperature rises faster.

In terms of the way of cooking food, Chinese cuisine has 27 cooking methods only by hot cooking. In the cooking methods popular among foreigners, they are usually proficient in five cooking methods (fried, fried, roasted, boiled, and grilled). ). In fact, there is a university question. Chinese food is obviously better at liquid food or soft food. The cooking method commonly used by foreigners is not friendly to water. We can take a look at some of their food, bread, steak, cakes, etc., which are either baked or baked. The use of water is obviously not as much as we use. In Chinese food, you can find that some cooking methods, such as stewing, braising, steaming, boiling, boiling, simmering, braising, boiling, and boiling, are all related to water. And most of the food we eat, such as noodles, steamed buns, rice, dumplings, and so on.

Let's look at the pan used by foreigners, which is obviously prepared for frying. The oil is not easy to gather in the pan, and the temperature around the pan is even, which is indeed suitable for foreigners to fry a steak. Let's look at the use of water again. It is extremely difficult to boil a pot of water in a pan and cook a pot of soup noodles. Therefore, there is almost no noodle soup in the noodles of foreigners.


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