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What is the difference between a soup pot and a milk pot, whether the soup pot is practical or the milk pot is practical

Release time: 2023-07-10

1. The difference between soup pot and milk pot

1. Appearance

The milk pot generally has only one long handle, and the soup pot has a U-shaped handle on each side, which makes it easier to handle and save effort during use.

2. Volume

Milk pots are generally relatively small and can cook less food at a time, while soup pots are large in size and can cook more food, which is suitable for use when there are many people.

Second, the soup pot is practical or the milk pot is practical

From the point of view of use, the soup pot is more practical. Because the milk pot is more convenient to warm milk, although other foods can be cooked, the food is generally limited and the amount of cooking is small; and the soup pot can also warm milk, but due to the large volume of the soup pot, the hot cup of milk may only Enough to fill the bottom of the soup pot. However, the soup pot can cook more food at one time. If you need to cook porridge, soup, and stew, it is more practical to choose a soup pot.

Three, how to choose the soup pot

There are many types of soup pots on the market, and the material should be considered first when choosing. According to the different materials, it can be divided into stainless steel pots and ceramic pots. Among them, the stainless steel pot is more durable, resistant to fall, and can prevent rust, is not easy to deform and process, and the overall heating of the stainless steel is relatively uniform, and it is not easy to raise oil smoke, which is relatively hygienic; and the appearance of the ceramic pot The design is much taller than the stainless steel pot looks.

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